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All three girls,  Greda, Fosta, Mattie
  Top 20 2010
Winning Image Photography
After being "rested" for 7 months, Matties 2nd time out she pulled off a 198.5 from Open B and a first place, winning a run off.  Here is her run:
Thank you to Cindy Platt for putting Mattie and Greda's runs to music: (Both Open B obedience)
My friend Cindy has been trying very hard to get her CDX with her Bull Mastiff, Bea. I told her I would give it a try. Bea is 8, so not a spring chicken, and sadly she went down on her long sit. But thought that the video was worth sharing. The judge, Fred Buroff, told me he had never seen me work so hard in a ring, and that he was exhausted! :-)  But just a fun run.  Thought I would share:
JoAnne and Bea at K9 8/12/11

AND to add a P.S. Cindy got her CDX on BEA!!! Congratulations Cindy. You did it!!!
Great job.
Matties Open B runs 7/10/11 Dekalb and 8/12/11 K9, put to music by Cindy Platt, that talented friend!!

JoAnne and Mattie 7/10/11 and 8/12/11
Greda's Open B run. Note her lack of enthusiasm as we begin. The look, the yawn. And then the no sit! I did not "try" to make her happy after that, I told her she was not making me happy! She listened, and thru the video, she got more up and tried very hard, therefore her "in the ring" verbal rewards were greater. Note the last exercise, and the energy, plus the wagging tail!

Greda's run in Dekalb, 7/10/11